11 June 2003

Birthday Party - Please leave gift on porch and leave.

Kiah has been invited to a birthday party for a classmate today. I never heard much about this particular person until the invitation arrived...this should have been my first clue. We went last night to purchase the obligatory gift and after wandering up and down endless rows of crap it became all to clear that Kiah knows very little about this person as well. It seems that their only connection is that they are in the same math class and that is where it ends. This sort of thing pisses me off. Why is it that we are expected to go and fork out money to buy a gift for someone that most likely decided to invite you because the pack of invitations had 10 cards but she only had 6 people on her list? Yeah, sure, they will be entertaining my child for a few hours, but for the cost of a half way decent gift I could take all 3 of my kids on a fantastic afternoon adventure. It just doesn't seem right. To make matters worse, these people don't seem to ever be home or have any sort of message device, so our repeated attempts to RSVP were met with endless ringing and no human contact. But still - she is going to attend, gift in hand. I am secretly hoping that we will get there to find that the party was cancelled, thus the non-answering saga so that I can return the gift. I should be so lucky. And when it is all done I am sure that we will never hear from the birthday girl again - until next year.

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