24 January 2004

Anyone got a lighter?

Tina gave me the heads up on an upcoming show. Lynyrd Skynyrd is going to be at the Roseland next month. Sponsored by Jim Beam of course.

While I have no real desire to go, it is hard to pass up a chance to see them in a venue small enough that if you were to hold up a lighter and yell "FREEBIRD" they might actually play it. The thought of it brings up images of college parties at The Campbell Club with wasted cover bands playing for an equally as wasted audience made up of a strange mix of mid-80's era hippie wannabes and garage band groupies, made tolerable by large doses of alcohol and various other substances that I am certain would kill me these days.

Sing it with me now - you know the tune...
I'm as free as a bird now....
And this bird you cannot change....

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