12 June 2003

La Tia Tina,Latina - She Rocks

Tonight we went to our favorite Sushi place where on Wednesday they have super-deal night. Kiah will do just about anything for sushi so we had gone to eat away her bummed out-ness from the party fiasco. Instead of saying there was an emergency, Kiah told her party "host" that she needed to go because is was sushi night and she had forgotten! I am so proud.

After dinner we descended unannounced upon Tina. A family of 5 just doesn't 'drop by' without making their presence felt, if you know what I mean. We had such a great time with her, Nezzie and buddy Bob. Dan was out at a show and Nick at a friend's house on an over-nighter. Bob's skateboard was a big attraction for Kiah. Axel wowed us all with his 'hidden skateboard talent' (Kiah's words) and even Anja strapped on a helmet and took a good couple inch roll on the board.

Then, in true La Tia Tina fashion, an impromtu slumber party for the girls was suggested and became reality in less than 10 minutes! I have been sent an ANGEL! Kiah exclaims that "this is better than any scary slumber party any day!" That is where they are now. Axel and I have some rare just Anja time for us to share.

Thank you Tina for rocking!

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