15 May 2006

Labyrinth For A Dear Friend

Getting back to my poor neglected machines this weekend. I re-recylced an old thrift store bargain skirt, (I have lost so much weight since the first recycle, thus requiring another go.) and made a quilt square for a group quilt to give to a dear friend who has recently discovered that she has cervical cancer. This friend is one of the absolute most generous, compassionate, and loving people I know. A group of friends (many of whom only know her online, including myself) are making quilt sqaures to make a quilt for her to wrap around her during her care and recovery. We can't be there in person, so this quilt is a big hug from us to her.

Labyrinth to symbolize the journey into the unknown world of life threatening illness. I know that she will find the grace needed to meet whatever challenges and lessons this brings. And praying that upon her return she is healed and whole.

I love you, KR!

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