03 March 2004

Happy Getting Married!

We went by the county building where people are lined up clear around the block waiting in line to get their marriage licenses. There were even some people who were getting married right there. We rounded the corner just in time to see the end of a Jewish ceremony - Mazel Tov! It was the most incredible and intense feeling there. So many people so happy and so much love. Yes, there were some people who were not happy and yelling horrible things, but they were a teeny-tiny minority and it wasn't hard to just ignore the hate and see the love everywhere else. I got all choked up and almost cried a couple times talking to people. Love is an awesome and powerful force!!! One couple even told me conratulations as I congratulated them. I explained that since I had not been discriminated against, I have been married for several years. They told me it didn't matter when, where or to whom I married and that the whole point of the day is to celebrate their marriage, my marriage, your marriage....ALL commitments of LOVE! Amen.

Here is a picture of Anja giving a couple some flowers. She said, "Happy Getting Married!" as she handed them the flowers (and then pretended to be all shy. )

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