26 May 2006

Fancy Rags

My first cables (ish)! A diamond pattern cotton dishcloth. Definately qualifies me for the 'fancy rags' award.

I want to make the Cleo Clutch or some variation of it, so that meant biting the bullet and attempting a cable. As with most things it wasn't as hard as I anticipated. Though I am a spacy knitter and am forever losing track of where I am. I need to work on that.

Yesterday I started working on a test piece for a shibori felting experiment. I will post results as I progress with it. Should be interesting...

All this is in preparation for the arrival of a kilo of Blue Faced Leicester and a load of acid dyes I am eagerly anticpating. counting the days...

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i LOVE this dishcloth pattern. where or where did you find it? i want to do some linen handtowels, and those cables would be too cool.


By Anonymous joyce vance, at 05 June, 2006 20:59  

It was in a magazine that I bought ages ago and had sitting around. I could write it out for you if you would like. It is very simple actually.

By Blogger Lakshmi, at 08 June, 2006 11:23  

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