18 June 2003

digging and stiching

I seem to have settled into a nice routine these days of splitting my time between doing some kind of outdoor work - whether that be the garden, flower beds, container plants, etc. and indoor sewing stuff. There is something really satisfying to me about creating something new on my own. Add to that the joy of sharing these experiences with my daughters and it makes for a pretty darn good time. Anja loves to help dig or to carefully place seeds in their holes and then 'tuck them in'. It makes my heart melt every single time she pats the dirt on top and tells them "night night". Kiah has a great design flair that she contributes to the planning of both our outdoor and indoor creations. Dylan is paying close attention to my sewing technique with plans of working on her first project in the near future. It feels a bit odd to be a teacher for something I am just learning myself, but I guess that is kind of how this whole mothering thing works, huh? God knows I am still learning how to live my life, all the while teaching 3 little people how to live theirs! They would be surprised to learn how much they have actually taught me.

You can see Kiah modeling my latest sewing project here. I have also started a photo journal of our garden fun that you can link to here or at the links over in the margin.

Tomorrow is Kiah's 11th birthday! I can hardly believe it. How did *I* get to be the mother of such a beautiful young woman? Last time I checked she was still a little girl and then whamo she is a big girl! So so so very strange. Both Dylan and Kiah became Red Cross certified babysitters today which is great for me (even though they now insist that they are certified I pay them their asking wage) but I just can't seem to get a grip on the idea of my babies caring for other people's babies. I don't know if I will ever really get used to the idea. I look at Anja and refuse to beieve that she too will some day grow up and do grown up things. She is my last baby so he has to stay a baby, right? Isn't that how it is supposed to work? But alas, even she is showing hints of days and years to come as she proclaims "Be quiet - this is my favorite song!" while listening to a CD. say it ain't so....

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