10 September 2003

Nap Time

I am once again relishing in the wonder of naptime. That idylic time of day when Goddess in Training #3 closes her eyes for the first time since she awoke at 5:30am. I tiptoe out of the room to avoid waking her and once past the door and down the hall I breathe a sigh of relief. Then begins my time to do all those things that the company and assistance of a 2 year old make them difficult to maneuver. Quick check through my various email accounts, scan posts on message boards and groups that I belong to. Maybe take a minute to write one response. Read through my must read fellow bloggers. Do various chores such as take out the garbage or do dishes and mop floor. Any time left is spent holding my breath while sitting in my chair doing as close to nothing as I can.

I must go now and complete my chores so that I may soon enjoy the joy of doing nothing for a few priceless moments.

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