12 December 2003

Its official....

The holiday season is upon us in full gear. We cut our own tree last weekend. I have become obsessed with making bendy fairies. They are a popular item in our gift giving this year!

Anja is very excited, to say the least, about everything that has to do with the holidays. Though she was terrified of the picture Santa at a christmas celebration we went to, she claims that Santa is indeed, her "best friend". Sorry Callie - the big guy in red edged you out this time, but I am sure you will return to the honored position post holiday brown-nosing. Before we put up the tree, anytime Anja would see a decorated tree she would exclaim that she wanted to "go to Christmas". When we put up our own tree she just about exploded with joy when she realized that Christmas was coming to her very own house! I fear that the thrill of finding presents under the tree may be too much for her. Whenever someone makes mention of this Santa guy putting presents under the tree there is a certain amount of disbelief. Being a toddler, the idea of "future" is kind of hard to accept. If it isn't happening NOW, is isn't happening. Very mindful those babes! I imagine there will be a great deal of dancing and shrieking with delight in our house this year. It is going to be so cool!

And finally, I have received official confirmation that the holiday season is upon us. I have seen both The Clapper and Chia Pet commercials. Some traditions are just heartwarming.

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