23 June 2003

thoughts on my path

I have been giving a great deal of thought lately to finding what path I am on. My life's experiences are far reaching and have taken me to places - both physically and emotionally - that I could never have imagined. As I look back I see certain themes and ideas that seem to bind my journey together. Two major passions for me have been artistic expression and birth. To me, art is life. Birth is the beginning of life. The birth of each of my daughters brought a new canvas upon which I have been given the honor of creating the art of life.

I am searching now for the direction my path is leading me. I have felt called to the work of a midwife in the past, but in all honesty I don't believe that is the true direction I am to follow - at least not at this time. So the question remains "how do I integrate my love of art and passion for birth?" I have been giving a great deal of consideration to the possibility of working as a child birth educator and in my research have come across Birthing From Within . From what I have read, it seems right on my path. Being a birth mentor rather than a traditional teacher and integrating artistic expression into the pregnancy, birth, and parenting process. I want to do more learning about Birthing From Within by attending a workshop in August, however, the cost is an obstacle for me. We certainly don't have any extra funds available from our personal accounts, and business in the world of candy wrappers has been painfully slow so I don't see it coming from there. I have some ideas on ways to creatively raise funds - things I can create and services I can render. I need to give them some more thought before presenting them, but I am hopeful that if this is the direction my path is really leading me the money obstacle will not prevent me from going. Of course I will always accept donations if you are inclined to do so! I can take paypal to lakshmi_mama@yahoo.com if the urge to contribute hits you. The course is the first week of August so I need to get busy creating!

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