14 July 2003


What is worse than watching those horrible cheesy, white bread, canned formula television shows aimed at hormonal pre-teens on the Disney Channel, Nickelodian, and the like? Hearing a blow-by-blow recap as narrated by your own hormonal pre-teen daughter. I tried to just smile and nod while pretending to listen, but have found that just encourages a more detailed description. Instead I have resorted to one of two approaches. The first is to tell them to cut to the chase. I don't want to hear the details. This works well when the synopsis is being given as part of a more tolerable conversation, such as in a "oh - that reminds me of when on XYZ show..." sort of situation. They can get their point across without subjecting me to any more of this torture than is absolutely needed. The other is to ridicule the show with sarcasm and snide remarks. An example of this would be today when Dylan tried to tell me about a show that she saw while at a sleep over. Apparently this particular episode got the better of their emotions (as if that is a difficult thing to do with a group of 12 year olds) "Oh, you should have seen it! " she said, "We all cried and cried!" My response: "I would cry too if I had wasted an hour watching that crap!" She responded with a bit of an eye-roll and some sort of indignant remark, but didn't have to hear anymore about the show. Mission accomplished.

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