11 July 2003

Out of the mouth of babes...

It was reeeeeeeallly hot in our house last night. We are talking tank top is too much hot. blech. So I dressed myself in a short 1/2 tank top along with my comfy elastic waist band shorts to sleep in. I figured, what the heck, right? I was going straight to bed so the only people who had to see me and my 3 child belly hangin out were me, Axel, and Anja. Axel doesn't mind - or least he has the courtesy/common sense not to say that he minds if he does. After all, if he complained then that would put a fast end to whatever sex life we might have. And Anja, well she is 2 years old and what does she know about body image? That was my mistake..... This morning as I was setting up Anja in the living room for a rabble rousing episode of the Wiggles, she takes one look at me, hands me the remote and says, "You need exercise!" AAAAARRRRRRGHHH! Kids - ya gotta love 'em! Instead of taking her sage advice, I went directly to my room and changed into a t-shirt. After all, she was ready for the Wiggles (the tv show, not my belly wiggle) and there is a Jumanji video stuck in our VCR so I can't put on my work out tape. (This is my latest excuse for not working out. I must put off the fixing or replacing of the VCR as long as possible!) Tonight as I lie in bed fully clothed and sweating my brains out, I will reflect on Anja and her advice all the while convincing myself that by all that sweating I am actually losing weight. right.

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