25 June 2003

it was meant to be!

I got a whopping big child support check today! Totally unexpected check. Child support is always unexpected around here. For the past couple months there have been little token checks that are not even the full current amount due, let alone any of the $40,000+ that is owed to me in back support. Those checks have been coming only because after a year with a bench warrant out for his arrest, they finally nabbed the dead-beat in a traffic stop. Apparently something went down at the court hearing that followed, because there has been a trickle coming in since then. But not like today's check! To make it even more of a surprise it came later in the month than the others so I really thought that it was not coming at all. And I take that as a sign. I put my aspirations and dreams on hold for so many years because I had to work my ass off to make ends meet as a single mother. So what could be more fitting than using part (a small part at that) of this payment to begin persuing my calling? Sure, I know, it is child support and there are some who might argue that unless I am spending those exact dollars on direct child related expenses I am abusing it. Well, for anyone who might think that I have this to say.....ok, I won't say it because it is not very nice. Lets just say that the current support amount will go directly to child related expenses and the back support - that which technically is reimbursement for money I already spent - will go in part to my tuition for attending the workshop. Hooray!

And so I begin officially on the road to becoming a Birth Mentor. I feel such energy and peace about this!

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