15 July 2003


I was reading a journal of another mama I know and she was talking about procrastination. I am the queen of procrastination. While, right now as I type this I am procrastinating doing 101 other things that I really should be doing. For some strange reason I function more efficiently when I am under pressure. When I have 'time to waste' I do. Heck, even when I don't have time to waste, I do! My older daughters are getting on a train tomorrow morning for a trip to my brother and SIL's house and I am anything but ready for that. Lucky for them they know their way around the washing machine. Then on Friday morning Axel, Anja and I are leaving on a trip to Chicago for a few days. I am completely NOT ready for that. I not only have laundry, packing, and the usual getting ready to go out of town stuff, but I for some reason feel compelled to sew myself a completely new wardrobe for the trip. Okay, well actually I have to because I only fit into a handful of very well worn summer clothes. I already have done a couple of tops and a pair of capris, but I need to do more. It isn't like I have anything else to be doing, right! :rolling eyes: And by some cruel twist of fate, my business, which had been deathly slow until about a week ago is suddenly exploding and I have to get a bunch of orders done and out before I leave.

man, I am getting stressed. Good thing - maybe now I can go and do something!

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