13 August 2003


I find this amusing...My DH's offical status in this country is "Legal Resident Alien" therefore we are graced with the occasional correspondence from the new Department of Homeland Securtiy - Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services that replaced the old INS. We received a letter a couple months ago that I came across recently while sorting through a huge stack of papers in the 'deal with it later' pile. The content of the letter was an insignificant form letter that was reviewed upon receipt and tossed into the pile for later filing. What I failed to take note of upon initial scanning of the letter was the signature by whom the letter was written. Jerry Garcia. Hmmmm... it seems that Jerry Garcia is the "Interim Director of the DHS-BCIS" . If this is what happens to old hippies when they die I am scared. I wonder if it is too late to repent my granola crunchy ways and avoid bureaucratic employment as a punishment in my after-life.

On that note: let us remember Jerry

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